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I’m Shelby Schultheis, the author of this blog. I’m from Louisiana and attend Loyola University. I’m currently a senior studying English (Writing) and minoring in mass communications. This blog is for my experimental fiction workshop class and will host my attempts at experimental fiction (who would have thought?)

I’m influenced by Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, surrealist artist Salvador Dali, rock musicians from the early sixties and onwards, among other things. I like hippie things (if you couldn’t tell). I love languages and have studied Spanish, French and German; however, I don’t use that knowledge nearly enough and have almost entirely forgotten how to hold a conversation in each of those languages.

I hope to one day be an editor for something.¬† I like reading, especially weird things, so I guess I’ll see where that takes me.


2 responses to “About the Author

  1. hello shelby,
    we have yet to meet but a mutual friend marlena instructed me to view your blog. i will be quite interested in reading the works of a fellow dr. gonzo fan.

    ~ ryan
    p.s. if you are into s. dali, i encourage you to read the works of franz kafka. his work is considered surreal fiction with over tones that can almost be the literary equal to dali. give metamorphis or the trial a shot if you haven’t already done so.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Tell Marlena I said hi!

      I have read the works of Mr. Kafka but I find that I’m more of a Borges girl. I love that gonzo journalism is a sort of stream of consciousness work that the author doesn’t go back to edit.

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