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Coming Soon…

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I’m going to start working on some experimental/creative nonfiction pieces about animals. I’ll post them as soon as I finish each one. I can tell you right now that there will be at least one about a bunny and several on dogs and puppies.

Cat people, bear with me. Or better yet, bring me a kitten so I have something to observe.

I’ll also be creating a section of my blog dedicated to things I’ve written for the magazine I work for.



Revisions At Last and Other Announcements

I’ve finally finished my revisions of my workshop pieces for this class. My pieces, “Man, Woman, Patches” and “Dissonance: A Brief Character Study of Two Characters,” will be posted shortly. A few announcements first, however.

1. I’d like to thank all my readers. I know you guys did it for the class, but I hope you liked what you saw.images

I think we can all admit it got a little weird sometimes…

But it was a pretty good weird.



So thank you for reading and commenting and helping me to make my work better. 🙂

2. This blog will continue. This is not a sad farewell post.550x662xnews-of-the-world-farewell-cover.jpg.pagespeed.ic.zPPOFjErk3

I will continue to upload things, whether they be pictures, stories, or what have you, so you’re all welcome to keep looking.

For all the graduating seniors:

You did it! Now on to the rest of your lives!

You did it! Now on to the rest of your lives!

In the mean time, I’m out…