Portrait of an Ink-Stained Sisyphus

From head to toe:

Hair: In disarray

Brow: Furrowed in concentration/dismay/divine inspiration

Eyes: Slowly being fried by millions of little LCD lights with the power of small suns/ focused on computer screen

Mouth: Grimacing or twitching uncomfortably

Tongue: Repeatedly being stuck out partially and then hastily withdrawn

Shoulders: Stooped forward

Hands: Still stained with yesterday’s hasty scribblings of notes to self

Spine: Crooked and slouched

Bottom: Uncomfortable from trying to out-wait inspiration’s arrival

Legs: Crossed or not

Feet: Who knows?


(to be completed in no specific order)

1. To write something earth shattering!

2. Google Images search: puppies

Gimme five.

Gimme five cuz we both know you’re not gonna be productive today.

Splash splash splash

Splash splash splash


I only demand your undying love and affection. Is that really so much to ask?

Demonically cute

Demonically cute



Small bear.

Small bear.

Sleepy head

Sleepy head

3. Regain focus. Stare at computer screen and wait for muse to arrive.

4. Check phone/Facebook/whatever you look at to kill time to see if correspondence from outside world has arrived.

5. Vaguely ponder your future.

6. Ignore impending sense of panic/doom/imminent destruction that arises when you picture your future as a writer, possibly living in a cardboard box under an overpass.

7. Stare at the computer screen some more.

8. Do homework you forgot about until just now.

9. Drink copious amounts of coffee. Begin feeling mysteriously sleepy.

10. Counteract this by drinking liquid meth energy drinks.

11. Get completely JACKED UP on energy drinks.

12. Twitch.

13. Wonder why you’ve never been able to see sounds or hear colors until this moment.

14. Twitch more. Convulsions ensue.

15. Your muse is knocking at the door but your body is currently seizing out of your control.

16. Recover from convulsions. Begin drinking heavily (your poison of choice) when you realize your muse is really pissed this time and might not come back.

17. Weep for lost muse.

18. Whine about lack of inspiration/muse to whoever will listen.

19. Watch that cat video that always makes you smile.

20. Write anyway. Lack of muse be damned.


6 responses to “Portrait of an Ink-Stained Sisyphus

  1. I love the content. It’s entertaining and it reminds me of the recipe-types posts. I like the focus on the muse (or lack there of). I like “from head to toe” and “objectives.” I would have liked to have seen more sections.

  2. True to life. You can never wait for inspiration. You gotta get your hands dirty to make it.

  3. Great title. You capture the essence of (sans) inspiration wonderfully. I like how that last link didn’t take me to another damn cat video.

  4. You did an excellent job in conveying what the writing process is. I particularly like the “from head to toes” section.

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